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Barbara introduced me to a healthy eating regime – not a diet….

She has helped me overcome my binge eating by making simple lifestyle changes.   I have now lost weight and feel better about myself.   I would recommend her to other potential clients.

Christine of Southend


The benefits of feeling so full of energy and life are great…

When I consulted Barbara I was given a list of foods beneficial to myself, and a diet sheet with a diary page to list my daily intake. This is a great idea as you can forget what you’ve eaten during the day, but writing it down as I prepared it made me more aware of just how much I eat!

I became aware of portion size and I also started exercise classes, which were a bit of a chore to start with, but now I find I can’t get enough.

Barbara was also available to help me if I did not understand the diet/life-style changes, telling me to telephone or email her if I had any worries.

My starting weight was 13stone 13lbs and now my constant weight is around 10stone 4lbs which at age 54 is good for me. I have not looked on this as a diet, but as a life-style change. I cannot pretend it has been easy, but the benefits of feeling so full of energy and life are great!

All I can say is thank goodness Barbara was so enthusiastic about nutrition, her enthusiasm is quite catching and I know she will go on to help others like me.

Sandra Page – Langdon Hills


All of the complaints have improved and the changes have been noticed by my family…

I went to Barbara with a series of complaints all of which I had suffered with for as many years as I could remember. I didn’t hold out much hope as I thought this was “just me”.

During the consultation Barbara asked me a number of dietary and life style questions and explained to me in an easy to understand way why my diet was letting me down. After a few months of following this diet regime I began to notice changes and even lost a few pounds as I began to really think about what I was putting in my body and gradually all of the complaints have improved and the changes have been noticed by my family.

I must admit I can’t imagine going back to the old diet, I feel so much better.

Debbie Bines – Thorpe Bay


The right nutrition really matters!…

My 14 year old son, Joshua is a very keen athlete and running is his passion. Due to the excessive amount of exercise that Josh undertakes on a weekly basis I did have some concerns about his nutritional intake and calorific output.

Joshua has also been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and can therefore be very fussy about certain food types and suffers from a poor digestive system. NutritionMatters4U, soon put Joshua on the “right track” to eating sensibly and being more confident about what he was eating and when he should be eating it.

We have noticed great benefits since seeing Barbara Shead, she made Joshua feel really special and certainly helped him understand how eating sensibly can really boost his performance and fitness level and that getting the right nutrition really matters!

Kay Stow


I recommend her to anyone with any health issues, or anyone who just wants to feel more energetic…

I decided to go and see Barbara after seeing her advertisement, as I was feeling really quite exhausted. I had previously visited my GP who, after sending me for blood tests, assured me there was nothing medically wrong. Barbara made me realise that my not so healthy eating habits were a great contributor to feeling so tired.

I am currently on day 38 of my new healthy eating lifestyle, but it was after about 7 days that I first started to notice a difference in my energy levels. Barbara gives a lot of thought to a person’s individual issues so that she gives the correct advice. She has given me so much advice on food and supplements, and is really passionate about her role as a nutritional therapist. Barbara is also is on the end of the telephone, or contactable by email, at any time if I have any concerns. I am very happy that I went to see her and recommend her to anyone with any health issues, or anyone who just wants to feel more energetic.



My health problems are under control and I am feeling so much better…

I am 66 years of age with a couple of health problems. I have always followed a healthy diet as I am interested in alternative cures so as not to rely too much on prescribed medication. However, I was confused by the amount of literature available on this subject. I contacted Barbara Shead to get a clearer understanding of nutrition and foods to avoid for my condition. I found Barbara extremely knowledgeable and understanding of my needs. Having followed her diet plan for 9 weeks now, my health problems are under control and I am feeling so much better. Enjoying my life to the full. Thanks Barbara.

Paula Stephens – Leigh-on Sea


I even get to eat some chocolate!!…

I originally made an appointment with Barbara for weight loss. In the first month I managed to lose weight at a steady rate. Then I had an illness diagnosed so we decided I needed to concentrate on getting better before thinking about losing more weight. One of the best things I found about Barbara was that she asks you what your favourite foods are, and gives you healthier versions instead. Therefore I didn’t feel like I was being deprived of things I love – I even get to eat some chocolate!!

If I had to sum up my experience with Barbara in one sentence it would be, it is like visiting a friend – but one with a lot of knowledge of nutrition! There is no judgment if you haven’t been sticking to your healthier way of life, just support and suggestions as to how to get back on track. If you are thinking of seeing a nutritional therapist I highly recommend Barbara, I look forward to each appointment.

Nicky D – Southend


Barbara creates a meal plan around you and the foods you like to eat!

I had wanted to lose weight for a while but didn’t want to join any slimming clubs which involved eating meal packs, shakes and soups. So I visited Barbara for advice on how to change my diet so I could lose weight in a healthy and safe way.

After my first consultation I came away with all the information I needed and myself and my husband cleared our kitchen cupboards of all the wrong foods, and went on a shopping spree. Feeling very pleased with ourselves we started our healthy eating plan, and we were confident in the knowledge that we knew the effects of what we were eating was having on our bodies.

Barbara is very knowledgeable in her field and what is great about her is that she creates a meal plan around you and the foods you like to eat. Each time I see Barbara she offers me more helpful tips and advice so I would certainly recommend Barbara to family and friends, and to anyone looking for a healthy diet that you can stick to.

A. Slater – Leigh on Sea


She took her time to work out a programme, suited to all of my needs..

I found my experience and visits with Barbara very helpful. She was very thorough and took her time to work out a programme, suited to all of my needs. Her dietary advice and experience has helped me to not only lose weight, but also to feel better, have more energy, better skin and hair. I will continue to see Barbara until we both feel I am on the right path and have full nutritional knowledge to do it alone.

Ellie -Southend on Sea


Barbara has shown me that a better diet can be achieved by making small changes…

I visited Barbara following a recommendation from a friend, Barbara was very friendly and approachable and asked lots of questions about my health, my lifestyle and my goals. Her nutritional advice was thorough and clear. She helped me understand what foods in my diet were causing possible problems, and how to replace with foods that would help me to feel healthier.

Since making the changes to my diet I have had more energy, my health problems have been relieved and I feel much better in general. I even lost 7lbs which was fantastic.

I always thought that nutritional advice would mean totally changing my diet and not eating things I love. Barbara has shown me that a better diet can be achieved by making small changes, and by helping me understand what effect different foods have has helped me implement the changes.

Rachel, Southend


She always follows-up appointments with a detailed report…

After some recent health issues I booked in to see Barbara for a consultation. Its always a little worrying when you’re asked to complete a food diary (with questions like “should I be honest?” and “will she be able to tell if I’m not?” racing through my mind!) But Barbara uses this information to expertly analyse areas where nutritional support and guidance may be needed and she does this in a completely non-judgemental way. Her years of experience, and her qualifications, enable her to give you a holistic assessment from both the food diary and speaking with you about your health and nutrition, and she always follows-up appointments with a detailed report so you don’t even have to remember all the fantastic gems of information she’s spoken to you about as they’re all written down! I think we could all do with someone like Barbara casting an expert eye over our nutrition from time to time!

Jo  (Leigh on Sea)



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