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Individual nutritional & lifestyle support promoting optimal health

If you want to look and feel great, in my opinion you need to consider eating a balanced healthy diet, however busy lifestyles, hectic work schedules and reliance on foods and drinks packed with salt, sugar, fat and chemicals may make it difficult to be sure your diet is providing all of the nutrients your body needs.

At NutritionMatters4U I am passionate about helping you achieve your personal nutritional aims and improve your overall health the natural way. As a nutritional therapist, I can provide expert advice to help you to make good decisions about what foods and food constituents should be included in your dietary regime, as well as lifestyle changes which may help you to optimise your metabolism and promote wellbeing and quality of life, operating in Southend on Sea and surrounding areas and via Skype.

Food and our need for it

Our need for it is primal, but our relationship with food is complex and ever changing.

For many in the developed world, eating has become a leisure pursuit, and cooking a hobby. But our bodies are still hard‐wired for a tougher world where food means survival. Our sense of taste, for example, evolved to be a front‐line defence against toxins and a sensor to help detect the most energy‐rich fare. However, our innate craving for sweets and fats, and their ever-present availability, now seems to be leading us down a path of bodily destruction.

Because food is packed full of complex, biologically active molecules, the fact it has an impact on our health is no surprise. Yet, teasing apart the effects of each component on the body is a difficult task, and one that will continue for many years to come. Some people predict an age of diets customised to individual energy needs and disease susceptibility, but no matter how good the science, or how well we are able to exploit food as an agent of healthfulness, we will still be eating with mainly pleasure in mind for some time yet. Eating for both health and pleasure is, for some, not easily achievable at the same time without help and this is where I may help. Striking a balance is sometimes very difficult, fraught with complications, and possibly confused by food marketing messages.

Barbara Shead NT (Dip) MBANT


** NutritionMatters4u.co.uk is not a replacement for GP or medical care but we can work in conjunction with the care and advice they have given. **